Students + Alumni

George Dirolf

Alumni - George DirolfGeorge Dirolf was the first student at Sage College of Albany to win the Scholarship to study in Paris in 1974. This year, he was invited back as a judge for the scholarship. He has taught at Bethlehem High School for 17 years. He has had recent shows at the Little Gallery at SCA, The Red Gallery and the Clement Gallery in Troy, and is a member of the Oakroom

Wendy Costa

Alumni - Wendy CostaWendy Costa is one of the most successful painters to have studied at Sage College of Albany. She has her own design business and continues to show her paintings. She recently moved her studio to Troy and she has been invited to be a guest artist at SCA.

Sage Student Works on Movie "Golden Compass"Alumni - Anthony Zalinka

Anthony Zalinka, graduate of Sage's graphic design program, has found his way in the "Golden Compass," premiering December 7 and starring Nicole Kidman. Anthony was the junior technical effects director on the film and credits Sage with helping him prepare for the field.

Joleen Button

Alumni - Joleen ButtonSince receiving her BFA from Sage College of Albany in 2006, Joleen Button has shown her still life paintings in several exhibitions in the Albany area and has taken an active part in the Upstate Artists Guild. As a student in the Department of Art + Design, she was the winner of the Fine Arts Scholarship For Study Abroad and spent a semester at Parsons School of Design in Paris.

Sage Alumni Creates Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Marketing Campaign

Alumni - Doug Bartow / Harry PotterAlumni Doug Bartow (SJCA, 1990) and his firm id29, located in Troy, NY, were keeping a big secret last summer. They had been chosen by publishing company Scholastic, Inc. to design and develop the marketing materials for the U.S. launch of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Bartow, Art Director and Principal at id29 said We developed a design aesthetic and five wordsThere Will Soon Be Seventhat really resonated with Scholastic. Our creative became the basis for much of the U.S. campaign and we spent the better part of five months executing the tactical components of the effort."

id29 designed print ads, web ads, animated Quicktime and Flash movies, billboards, point-of-purchase, and exhibition design that heralded the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.Michael Fallone, id29's Creative Director and Principal said about the campaign "Last year we started getting calls from a number of very well known potential clients. The call from Scholastic, and the opportunity, was particularly nice."

"Michael and I began id29 just four years ago, and we've focused on attracting and keeping, the finest creative talent available," said Bartow. "Our objective is to carefully build id29 into one of the best, small creative agencies in the world. I'm really proud of what we've accomplished and we're well on our way to meeting that objective."

Doug was back on campus in Spring, 2007 to speak with graphic design students (read more at Design Alumni Return to Sage under Sage Alumni.

Congratulations to Doug and everyone at id29! For more info on id29 go to