Sage professor speaks, exhibits on stereography

February 13, 2012 at 4:41 pm

This panel seeks to address scholarship in recent years that has shifted direction away from the established canon and towards a history of photography that is focused upon usages, social groups, non-hegemonic needs, and the desire of people to shape identity from available imagery.  Davis will also present a paper, "On the Matroange of Stereography and Its Ideological Exclusion from the History of Photography," which explores the political component to excluding the female-oriented stereography market and its vast production of stereographs in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  Davis traces the market for and legends of women collectors of stereoscopic genre photographs.

In addition, Dr. Davis has also curated the exhibit "Victorian Narrative Stereography, 1855-1910," currently showing in Sage's Little Gallery from 2/3/12--2/26/12. This show features stereographs of genre scenes with accompanying portable stereo-viewers.  Arranged to reflect the historical development of the narrative view, this exhibit offers orginal stereographs along with an interactive parlor for handling and viewing them.

To see images of the show, please visit: