Sage Students Create Cooperative Mural

June 9, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Kent Mikalsen's Advanced Drawing class has been participating in the college wide experiment in cooperative learning by creating a 24 long mural executed in charcoal.

For artists and art students who typically work alone in the privacy of their studios, working cooperatively on a project is a unique experience. Much like writers, artists require solitude to access their inner voices, however these students have experienced the rewards of sharing ideas and supporting one another in creating this impressive work of art. . The student artists who created this work are: Jessie Joss, Caitlynn Sinagra, Cerissa Contakos, Matt Matott and Alex Waters.

Because there are few unobstructed walls that long on the Albany campus to display the work it has been photographed and printed at 2/3 its original size. Beau Comeau of the art faculty photographed and printed the smaller version which will soon to be seen somewhere on the Sage Colleges Albany campus.

The mural project helped me better my cooperative learning skills. I was able to be in a group where we collaborated ideas and integrated different themes to come up with one final project. It was a positive experience and everyone in the group was heard, did their fair share, and was able to put themselves into the final drawing.

Cooperative learning and group work did come together in this project to create a successful piece. I think it is a valuable experience to periodically work on a project like this because it develops the skills to work with others in making art.

Having a group with the right chemistry is a major factor in being able to work as a team. I dont think my team would have been as successful without the harmony that we had.