The Guerilla Girls Visit Sage

October 27, 2010 at 4:05 pm

Called “the conscience of the art world,” the Guerrilla Girls appear in masked simian costume wherever there is injustice and oppression for women artists and artists of color.    At Sage, Frida Kahlo discussed the over twenty-five year history of the group—their protests, broadsides, and publications, much of which has entered art history.  She encouraged the group to find their “inner feminist,” while passing out bananas, and captivating all with levity mixed with the Guerrillas’ very serious message of the operatives of sexism and racism in the art world.

On the second day of her visit, Frida appeared to lead a collective of students through the thinking process of activist art, which was followed by a workshop where small groups designed their own posters.   Frida revealed how much work and discussion goes into the Guerrilla Girls’ seemingly simple posters, and students tried their hands at “techniques of subversion” in order to learn how to raise consciousness for their causes.

These events were sponsored by the Sage Albany’s Department of Visual Arts, the Opalka Gallery, and the offices of the Provost and Dean.  Thanks to all.