Sage Introduces Minor in Art History

May 10, 2010 at 12:00 pm

As we live in an increasingly visual culture, the language of the world of art is fundamental to our ability to communicate within a global environment. Art and its history have become the means by which we speak, know ourselves, and interface with others. With its commitment to inter-disciplinary and globally-oriented education, The Sage College of Albany has introduced an Art History Minor, which is designed to complement any field of study and is available to all students of the college.

The Art History Minor is designed for any student who wishes to complement their primary discipline with an in-depth exposure to the history of world art. This minor will provide a strong foundational knowledge of art history and an introduction to its critical and theoretical literature. Our goal is to offer the student facility to utilize knowledge of art in an integrated fashion within a chosen discipline, such as business, history, liberal studies, literature, psychology, sociology, education, the sciences, fine arts, and further studies in art history. The Art History Minor is not limited to Art Students but is open to any one who wishes to study art in order to enrich their degree program and professional goals.

The Art History Minor comprises six courses: Art History I and II (global art surveys), The History of Modern Art , Art Criticism and Theory, and two Art History electives (ARH). Independent study is also an option, with the permission of the instructor and approval of the Department of Visual Art.