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French: 74 million native speakers
Italian: 59 million native speakers
Mandarin Chinese: 955 million native speakers
Arabic: 293 million native speakers
Russian: 154 million native speakers

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Mission Statement

The Culture and Language Acquisition at Sage Program, originally modeled on the Drake University Program and now significantly updated and improved, mentors students as they gain functional proficiency in a language other than English, develop cultural understanding, become responsible global citizens, and achieve global competencies. Students prepare to study or live abroad, enhance professional development, and pursue personal interests while working with native speakers and language acquisition specialists. The program was begun with a grant from the Council of Independent Colleges.

Mentorship Collective

Instead of a lone professor at the front of a classroom, CLAS provides a mentorship collective including faculty who are professional language acquisition specialists, native-speaker language partners and research assistants, as well as specialists in language and culture. We are working in partnership with Rosetta Stone on this exciting new modality for learning a foreign language. The Culture and Language Acquisition focuses primarily on instruction in conversation and culture, not written grammar and literature.

Personal Attention

Students meet regularly with the language coordinator throughout the semester.

International House

CLAS students have the opportunity to live in International House (aka French House). Please contact the Office of Residence Life for more information.

Application Process

We are offering a variety of languages for the Fall semester. Students who are interested should register in SageAdvisor as they do their usual courses, and then complete the application. All applicants will be contacted.

Please note that this program is currently only available to students at Russell Sage College and the Sage College of Albany. It is not available through the Hudson-Mohawk Consortium.

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