Help Yourself Academy

Help Yourself Academy 

Imagine a classroom of third-grade students learning science concepts in a college laboratory...  The Esteves School of Education has collaborated with the Help Yourself Foundation to establish an academy designed to create an educational pipeline for minority and at risk students from the Troy school district into fields related to the health sciences.  This partnership initiative will provide an after school program, by utilizing the foundation’s STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) curriculum, which was developed by National Board Certified Teachers and targets students in grades 3-8, with particular emphasis on science and mathematics.

The Help Yourself Academy program will embed principles of service learning, utilize the talents and skills of pre-service teachers (enrolled in childhood education, mathematics education and science education programs), employ certified teachers, utilize science and mathematics materials and best practices to create dynamic and motivational lessons, and provide students with transportation to and from the colleges. 

The program invites parental involvement and participation in order to provide a strong foundation of on-going support for students. 

To begin program implementation, the Russell Sage campus will serve as host to a cohort of 24 third-grade students, for at least two afternoons each week of the academic year. 

Each year following, the academic achievement of each cohort will be monitored closely through additional collaboration with the Troy school district.