Alumni Parlor Discussions

With the support of the Alumni Office at The Sage Colleges, the Esteves School of Education hostd two SoE Alumni Parlor Discussions, one each semester.  Each Parlor Discussion featured a well-known author and educator, who presentd a brief address, followed by questions and answers and discussion with education alumni.  Parlor Discussions are held on designated Saturday afternoons in Frear House on the Russell Sage (Troy) campus.

LouAnne Johnson, author of the book Dangerous Minds, led the first Parlor Discussion in May 2011; and the second with children's literature author and illustrator, Matt McElligott, on October 29, 2011.  Both presenters concluded each event by autographing copies of their books for those who attended.

The Lion's Share Discussion with Matt McElligott

October 29, 2011

The Lion's Share 

Author/Illustrator, Matt McElligott, self portrait and The Lion's Share.

Matt McElligottSCA professor of graphic design and children's illustrator/author Matt McElligott speaks to SoE alumni about the design of his book, The Lion's Share, on October 29, in Frear House.

McElligott Audience

SoE alumni and friends enjoy an afternoon at Frear House parlor.