Excellence in Teaching, M.S.

The Masters in Teaching Excellence (MTX) is designed to be cutting edge such that participants learn the latest information about assessment and planning, technology integration, and/or literacy. In learning institutions, educators are required to make efficient and appropriate educational decisions for their students as well as document students’ growth. Teachers and others need to be knowledgeable about formal and informal assessments to inform and plan appropriate instruction. Often literacy is a major area of struggle for learners. In this age of expanding information, knowledge about and expertise in ever evolving digital technologies is critical. The MTX program is planned to address these requirements.

The MTX is a flexible program designed for in-service school professionals, primarily teachers. Other educational practitioners (school counselors, school media specialists and librarians, and others) may also find the program beneficial. This program is tailored to develop expertise in the self-selected areas of assessment and planning, literacy, and/or technology integration. This expertise is achieved through completion of coursework from two of three certificates in assessment and planning, literacy, and/or technology integration (and their respective applied projects and portfolios), and two research courses. Applied projects require integration of content at the classroom, school or district level, depending on the student’s focus.

Sage’s graduate program in Teaching Excellence fosters a close relationship between students and faculty. Students meet individually online with their program adviser to plan their program of study (32 credits) with an emphasis on selecting the areas most appropriate for the student based on their personal interests and professional needs. Students in the MTX program are mentored through their applied projects and portfolio.

Note: Any two of three certificates (see catalog page) may be used toward the completion of the MTX program. The three certificates are (1) Assessment and Planning, (2) Literacy, and (3) Technology Integration.

National Accreditation Advantage

Sage's Esteves School of Education received accreditation from the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) in October 2001. NCATE accreditation means that graduates are recognized as having completed an Education program that meets the highest standards in the field. Sage graduates should note the NCATE accreditation on their resumes and be prepared to talk about its significance.

  • Sage is one of only 28 colleges and universities in New York State to receive prestigious NCATE accreditation. Across the nation, relatively few private colleges can claim this level of excellence in teach education programs.
  • The NCATE accreditation process helped articulate what qualities a Sage educator, counselor, or leader possesses: belief in full inclusion, valuing diversity, reflection, and knowledge about best practices. NCATE accreditation is a mark of assurance that teachers, counselors, and leaders educated at Sage are competent, caring, and highly qualified.
  • NCATE accreditation means that Sage graduates are better prepared to help their students reach high standards.
  • Graduates of NCATE accredited programs can more easily receive certification and teaching jobs in other states; NCATE is recognized throughout the nation.