Professional School Counseling C.A.S.

Advanced Certificate Program in Professional School Counseling

After completing their M.S. degree, school counselors seeking to earn New York State permanent certification are encouraged to enroll in Sage Graduate School’s 12-credit Advanced Certificate Program in Professional School Counseling.  Completion of the 12 credit program awards the candidates with a Certificate of Advanced Study, CAS.

The advanced certificate program is open to Sage graduates as well as graduates with M.S. degrees in school counseling from other institutions. The program is registered with the New York Department of Education and was created with the input of current school counselors in the field. The faculty of the Professional School Counseling Program pride themselves on course creation and delivery that is focused on the most current best practices in school counseling.

Required Courses                                                                                                             Credits

PSY 581 Program Evaluation 


SCP 594 Implementing the ASCA National Model                             PreReq: SCP 575  

__ 3 credits


SCP 589 Issues in Professional School Counseling                         PreReq:   SCP 587

__ 3 credits


One of the following:

SCP 595 Conflict Resolution in School Settings                                                       

SCP 596 Integrating Mindfulness into School Counseling Practice

PSY 548 Counseling and Child Psychopathology  

__ 3 credits


Elective:       (must be approved by advisor)

__ 3 credits