MySage is a great central location for online students to access everything that they need.  Once Sage has received and processed your deposit, you will receive your log-in information from the Sage HelpDesk.  You should use that information to begin exploring Sage's online systems.  MySage is a great place to begin.

MySage e-mail is Sage's official means of communication.  It is important to check your Sage e-mail frequently.  Your instructors, the ABA office, the Dean's office, Student services and other critical departments will often use MySage e-mail to relay important information.  Students must also use their MySage e-mail when initiating e-mail communication with a person or department at Sage.  Students will be responsible for managing their storage quota so that new messages may arrive.  If you need assistance using MySage, please contact the Sage HelpDesk Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5:00Pm (4:00PM in the summer) EST. 

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