ABA Clinical Practicum

A large portion of practicum track sequence for both the Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism M.S. program and the Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate program will consist of the four practica that must be completed to meet the clinical practicum criteria set forth by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB).  We highly recommend that each practicum track applicant have an approved agency willing to host the them for their practica prior to acceptance into the program.

Applicants are highly encouraged to either work or volunteer at an agency that meets the practicum placement requirements set forth by the BACB prior to acceptance. The applicant must have an agency that meets the BACB requirements willing to host them to remain in the practicum track program. The administrators of the agency where the applicant works must fully understand what practicum supervision at the agency entails. The applicant is also encouraged to find a BCBA to supervise their practicum prior to acceptance.

Sage is will provide advice to students attempting to locate a practicum placement and BCBA supervisor, but we cannot guarantee placement in remote locations or at local agencies who will not agree to host students. This is why it is important to either work in an appropriate setting or begin looking for an appropriate agency to host you prior to application into the program. In the event that there are no BCBAs within a reasonable distance of your location, Sage will attempt to find a BCBA willing to provide distance supervision via web cameras.

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