Literacy Education, M.S.E., Childhood (Birth – Grade 6)

McEneaney Photo“My experience in the Esteves School of Education’s Literacy Program has prepared me for the realities of becoming a literacy specialist through both college coursework and in-classroom experiences. My college coursework laid the foundational knowledge for literacy instruction, while my field-based practicums provided me with hands-on learning opportunities in which I practiced how to assess, diagnose, and remediate struggling readers and writers. Sage’s program has equipped me with both the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to become an effective literacy specialist.”

– Laura McEneaney, Childhood Education & Literacy

Childhood Literacy program for certification Birth-6 is designed for:

  • Candidates who possess or meet the requirements for New York State provisional or initial certification and who seek professional certification in literacy for grades K- 6 and a master’s degree.

The Literacy Education Program at Sage recognizes that literacy is a multi-faceted tool which enriches learning about the world and yourself. Our program prepares master's level teachers to become literacy specialists. Our courses draw on the new literacies lens to integrate technology into innovative and traditional learning activities. We promote practices that emphasize evidence-based teaching, diversity and inclusion, and teacher reflection. We believe that such learning happens in clinically rich contexts and thus many of our courses include a fieldwork component and all our practicum courses are offered at local public/charter schools through professional development partnership relationships and afterschool programs. Our program faculty members understand the importance of keeping up with the changes in state mandates and assessment  measures within our public schools today and we strive to prepare teachers who are well immersed in changes such as the Common Core Standards and how it affects the teaching and learning of reading, writing, listening, and speaking in the classroom.

Program of Study

All matriculated students complete a signed program of study. Any change in stated coursework must receive written approval of the assigned faculty advisor.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the general admission requirements for Sage Graduate School.

National Accreditation Advantage

Sage's Literacy programs are nationally recognized by the International Reading Association and National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

  • Sage is one of only 28 colleges and universities in New York State to receive prestigious NCATE accreditation.
  • NCATE accreditation means that Sage graduates are better prepared to help their students reach high standards.
  • Graduates of NCATE accredited programs can more easily receive certification and teaching jobs in other states; NCATE is recognized throughout the nation.