Assessment and Planning Certificate in Teaching Excellence

The Certificates in Teaching Excellence are designed for:

  • In-service teachers wishing to update their skills in the areas of assessment and planning, literacy or technology integration.
  • School administrators desiring to develop current expertise in the area of assessment and planning, literacy or technology integration.
  • Teachers pursuing a certificate of study for career advancement. In addition to learning about a particular area of interest, course work or a certificate may enable teachers to move forward on the salary schedule depending on their school district and state.

The School of Education offers online certificates in assessment and planning, literacy and technology integration. Each of these 13 credit hour programs presents current information for certificate participants.

Certificate in Assessment and Planning: This area focuses on assessment from general education to special education with an emphasis on core subject areas of mathematics and language arts. Participants are guided in developing an applied project in assessment tailored to their individual needs, which might be at the classroom, school or district level. This integrated project allows students to apply their advanced understandings in a practical, targeted area of interest.

Certificate in Literacy: This certificate area examines literacy K-12, from emergent readers and writers to secondary students literacy needs. Woven throughout the program is the attention on the quickly evolving and changing digital literacies and critical media literacies related to content area instruction. Students will also develop expertise in the selection of relevant and engaging literature choices for students of all ages. Many of the assignments with the courses encourage the participant to develop applied projects that target their individual classroom or school needs.

Certificate in Technology Integration: Technology is rapidly changing and many teachers need to develop or retool their digital literacy skills. This certificate is designed to address cutting edge technology for education including Web 2.0 tools and social bookmarking. The coursework engages students in developing possibilities and improving technology integration for their own classroom, content area, or school. The final project encourages participants to apply their new understandings in developing an applied project that targets their individual, classroom or school needs.

NOTE: Any two of these three certificates may be used toward the completion of the Masters in Teaching Excellence (MTX).

Admission Requirements

See the Sage Graduate School Admission section for general requirements. Applicants for admission to the MTX certificate programs must meet the general admission requirements and must have a teaching or school related certificate or license required by the applicant's state. In addition, applicants to the MTX certificate programs must complete a:

  • Phone interview with the program advisor after all materials have been submitted

National Accreditation Advantage

Sage's Esteves School of Education received accreditation from the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) in October 2001. NCATE accreditation means that graduates are recognized as having completed an Education program that meets the highest standards in the field. Sage graduates should note the NCATE accreditation on their resumes and be prepared to talk about its significance.

  • Sage is one of only 28 colleges and universities in New York State to receive prestigious NCATE accreditation. Across the nation, relatively few private colleges can claim this level of excellence in teach education programs.
  • The NCATE accreditation process helped articulate what qualities a Sage educator, counselor, or leader possesses: belief in full inclusion, valuing diversity, reflection, and knowledge about best practices. NCATE accreditation is a mark of assurance that teachers, counselors, and leaders educated at Sage are competent, caring, and highly qualified.
  • NCATE accreditation means that Sage graduates are better prepared to help their students reach high standards.
  • Graduates of NCATE accredited programs can more easily receive certification and teaching jobs in other states; NCATE is recognized throughout the nation.