Professional Education Unit Data

Preparing Effective Educators

The Esteves School of Education prepares highly effective leaders, educators, teachers, school counselors, and clinicians who support, encourage, and create learning environments that meet the learning needs of all students.  Our Conceptual Framework  includes the concepts of technology, best practices, inclusion and diversity, reflection, dispositions, and service learning (TBIRDS). These elements are interrelated and integrated to prepare professional education candidates to assume roles as reflective facilitators of learning, combining knowledge and skills to exemplify those qualities and dispositions that characterize effective educators.

We are committed to becoming more transparent in our public accountability.  Click on the choices below to learn more about our candidates’ knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

TITLE II New York State Teacher Certification Examination Pass Rates (Initial Licensure programs Unit –Wide)  

Evaluation of Dispositions Transition Point 3 Unit-Wide

Evaluation of Pedagogical Knowledge and Skills Transition Point 3 Unit-Wide

Survey of Program Completers at Exit Unit-Wide

Student Loan Default Rates and Other Consumer Information