Faculty at Russell Sage College

Deborah A. Lawrence, Ph.D. Dean


518-244-2331 | [email protected]

Lynn DeMaria, M.D., Lecturer

Jennifer Freytag, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Erin Harmon, Lecturer

Kenneth Howard, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Susan M. Jenks, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Kristi LaMonica, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Dorothy M. Matthews, Ph.D., Professor

Mary S. Rea, Ph.D., Professor and Chair

Chemistry & Biochemistry

518-244-2331 | [email protected]

Thomas A. Gray, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Thomas C. Keane, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chemistry

Daniel Lewicki, Ph.D., Professor, Chemistry (also Education)

Emilly A. Obuya,  Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Ekaterina Shishova, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry

Frank R. Vozzo, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Physics & Chair

Creative & Performing Arts

518-244-2248 | [email protected]

Mark Ahola, M.M., MT-BC, LCAT, Instructor, Creative Arts in Therapy

David Baecker, M.F.A., Associate Professor of Theatre

David Bunce, Artist-in-Residence, Theatre

Leigh Davies, M.P.S., ATR-BC, LCAT, LMFT, Associate Professor, Creative Arts in Therapy

Heather Hamelin, Education and Intern Program Coordinator

Michael A. Musial, M.M., Associate Professor of Music

Ellen Sinopoli, M.L.S., Instructor, Dance

Leigh Strimbeck, Artist-in-Residence, Theatre

Lynne Roblin, Costume Designer-in-Residence



Mahijeh Sabi, Ph.D., Professor of Economics, Mangement

Esteves School of Education

518-244-2326 | [email protected]

Edna Baker, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, Program Director of Undergraduate Childhood Education, Director of Student Teaching

English & Modern Languages

518-244-2237 | [email protected]

Ekaterina Kagan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Spanish, Modern Languages Program Coordinator

Elizabethe Kelley, Ph.D., Associate Professor, English

Matthew Klane, Lecturer, English

Tonya Moutray, Ph.D., Chair, Program Coordinator and Associate Professor, English

Shealeen Meaney, Ph.D., Associate Professor, English

David Salomon, Ph.D., Professor, English

Health Sciences

518-244-2266 | [email protected]

Karen Balter, M.A., A.T.C., Assistant Professor; Coordinator

Gail Hughes-Morey, Assistant Professor

Kelli Tamvada, Ph.D, Lecturer


Patricia Acerbi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History

Steven A. Leibo, Ph.D., Spector Professor of History

Andor D. Skotnes, Ph.D., Professor, History and Chair


Deborah A. Lawrence, Ph.D., Professor

Tina A. Mancuso, M.S., Associate Professor


518-244-2231 | [email protected]

Kathleen Buono, M.S., Assistant Professor

Madeline Cafiero, M.S., Assistant Professor

Joan Dacher, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Marcy Fiet, APN, CNM,  Assistant Professor

Mary L. Johnson, M.S., Associate Professor

Glenda B. Kelman, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair

Kathleen Kelly, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Nancy J. Michela, D.A. Associate Professor

Caroline Mosca, M.S. Assistant Professor

Darlene Parker, D.N.S., Assistant Professor


518-244-2396 | [email protected]

Rayane AbuSabha, Ph.D. R.D., Professor, Graduate Program Director

Eileen Fitzpatrick, DrPH, RD, Assistant Professor, Chair, Nutrition Science Department Chair

Sonya Hauser, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Post-Baccalaureate Program Director and Assistant Professor

Colleen McCrief, MS, RD, BS Coordinator/Director Didactic Program in Dietetics

Ryan Mitchell, PhD, Associate Professor

Political Science/PACE


   Pamela S. Katz, J.D., Professor of Legal Studies & Political Science

   Stephen L. Schechter, Ph.D., Professor, Political Science


518-244-2221 | [email protected]

Marisa Beeble, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Sarah Butler, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Ellen S. Cole, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology

Donald F. Graves, Ph.D., Lecturer

Alicia Harlow, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 

Susan M. Jenks, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Julie Lindenbaum, Ph.D., Lecturer

Julie Ann McIntyre, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Gayle Skawennio Morse, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Patricia A. O'Connor, Ph.D., Chair and Lorraine Walker Professor

Sociology & Criminal Justice

518-244-2245 | [email protected]

Kimberly Brayton, Ph.D., J.D., Assistant Professor, History & Society

Maureen C. McLeod, Ph.D., Professor, Sociology and Criminal Justice

Michelle Napierski-Prancl, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Sociology and Chair