Steven A. Leibo, Ph.D.

Dr. Steven A. Leibo is Professor of Modern International History & Politics at The Sage Colleges. Dr. Leibo has also taught at the State University of New York at Albany, Union College, Skidmore, Empire State, the University of Cincinnati and a number of other institutions. He was educated at the University of California at Santa Barbara and Washington State University. Among the most important of his teachers were Immanuel C.Y. Hsu, Joachim Remak, George Haddad, Thomas L. Kennedy, Howard Paine, Dimitrije Djordjevic, Taketsugu Tsurutani, and Matthew Lamberti.

A former Fulbright scholar, Prof. Leibo specializes in the relationship between Asia and the West. He teaches courses in International Relations, Middle Eastern, Eastern European/Russian, Asian Modern History and American Foreign Policy. Professor Leibo has traveled extensively throughout Eurasia.

Leibo also has extensive experience leading study tours through Vietnam. During the summers of 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2004 he co-led tours with Dr. Ed Tick a specialist in PTSD.

Dr. Leibo is also a documentary filmmaker. His most recent film "From Albany to Saigon: Vietnam & the Capital Region" has been shown throughout the capital region.

More recently Leibo was among those personally trained by former Vice President Al Gore to give updated versions of the famous Climate Crisis slide show from the Academy Award Winning Film "The Inconvenient Truth" Over the last year he has given several dozen presentations at a range of institutions from high schools and colleges to libraries.

Professor Leibo is the author/and or editor of many academic and popular works, among them:

East, And Southeast Asia 1997 to 2007 (annual editions from Stryker Post. for more information see Welcome to The World Today Series)

Transferring Technology to China: Prosper Giquel and the Self Strengthening Movement (Berkeley 1985)

Journal of the Chinese Civil War, 1864 (Hawaii 1985)

International Conflict in the 20th Century (Regents 1992)

Among his hobbies is historical fiction. Professor Leibo has also written a historical novel, Tienkuo: The Heavenly Kingdom, about nineteenth century China. For more information on Dr. Leibo's historical novel see Historical Fiction Conference

(Most of Dr. Leibo's works are available through )

Professionally, Leibo's best known work for the profession of history itself is probably the article he wrote for the AHA on interviewing for a teaching job at a small undergraduate college--see:

Using the Annual Meeting to Win a Position at a Small Undergraduate College

More recently Leibo has written articles for the profession on how to respond to media requests. See "When the Phone Rings" within the AHA website

Within the internet Leibo is known as the the co-founder and long time lead editor (1994-2004) of H-ASIA an Asian Studies Professional group that includes over 2400 Asian Studies professionals from more than 50 countries. H-ASIA also includes an extensive web site for the study of Asia called:

The Asia Pacific Network

Leibo is probably best known to upstate New York residents for his work as a frequent international political analyst for local television, radio and newspapers.During the Persian Gulf War of 1990-91 he served as the international political analyst for WTEN T.V.

Since 1997 Dr. Leibo has served as an international affairs commentator for WAMC North Eastern Public Radio. Information about WAMC or specifics on Professor Leibo's commentaries can be found through these links:

Northeast Public Radio Commentaries

WAMC/Northeast Public Radio