Melissa Boles, Ph.D.

Lecturer in Biology

Contact Information
Office: Albany Campus, Science Building
Phone: (518) 292-1713
Email: [email protected]

Research Interests:

  • Gene function using forward genetics and sequencing
  • Developmental defects and disabilities


Boles, M.K., Wilkinson, B.,Maxwell, A., Lai, L., Mills, A., Nishijima, I., Salinger, A., Moskowitz, I., Hirschi,K.K., Liu, B., Bradley A., Justice, M.J. Eleven lethal mouse lines isolated in a chromosome 4 ENU balancer screen. BMC Genet, 10:12, 2009

Boles, M.K., Wilkinson, B. M., Wilming, L.G., Liu, B., Probst, F.J., Harrow, J., Grafham, D., Hentges, K.E., Woodward, L.P., Maxwell, A., Mitchell K., Risley, M.D.,  Johnson, R., Hirschi, K.K., Lupski, J.R., Funato, Y., Miki, H., Marcin-Garcia, P., Matthews, L., Coffey, A.J., Parker, A., Smith, J., Hubbard, T.J., Rogers, J., Bradley, A., Adams, D.J., Justice, M.J.  Discovery of candidate disease genes in ENU-induced mouse mutants by large-scale sequencing including a splice-site mutation in nucleoredoxin. PLoS Genetics, 5 (12). 2009