Financing + Aid

The Sage Colleges is committed to providing access to students to study abroad. Part of that commitment is making study abroad programs as affordable as possible, therefore, students who attend a Sage or Sage Affiliate program will be billed directly from The Sage Colleges. This allows students to use their financial aid package to assist in covering the costs of a semester or year long program abroad.

Sage institutional aid may be limited or may not apply to your Study Abroad program. Typically aid does not cover extra costs associated with your travel. Carefully consider all costs to decide whether you can afford the program.
The type of program you select is important for your finances and eligibility for financial aid.

  • If you participate in a Sage sponsored program, you will remain registered at Sage and your financial aid package can be applied.
  • If you sign up directly with a university abroad or non-affiliated program outside of New York State, your state and federal aid may not be usable.

Getting your financial aid when you need it is not always easy, even in the best of circumstances. The official "disbursement dates" for financial aid are usually tied to Sage's academic calendar and may not correspond with Study Abroad programs that begin earlier or later than a typical semester. This is particularly true for summer travel, where the course may be fully completed before the July disbursement date.

The Office of Student Services can assist you in obtaining short-term loans to bridge that time gap. If you are going on a Study Abroad program with an early starting date, contact the Office of Financial Aid (through the Office of Student Services) to see if arrangements can be made to release some funds earlier.