Danish Institute of Study Abroad


DIS Study Abroad As It Should Be

Study Abroad at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad and enhance your major, broaden your horizons, and acquire valuable cross-cultural skills and experiences with other motivated, curious and energetic students from selective U.S. colleges and universities. Learn and experience Europe through forward-thinking academic study abroad programs and courses, integrated study tours across Europe, unique accommodation options and an extensive cultural immersion program.

DIS – Danish Institute for Study Abroad is a government-recognized, high-quality study abroad program established in 1959. All DIS courses and academic programs are intellectually stimulating and challenging – and are all taught in English. But at DIS, study abroad is not solely about academics, it is about providing a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to experience new situations and build and develop leadership skills for a globalized world. That is why DIS is dedicated to providing the complete study abroad experience.

Academically Challenging Study Abroad Courses Taught in English

  • Build your own study abroad curriculum from over 150 courses taught across a great spectrum of majors, but each from a European, Scandinavian or Danish viewpoint
  • Study in a high-impact learning environment: Interactive classrooms that combine expert faculty, guest lectures and field studies to create an intense learning experience that will both challenge and inspire 
  • Focus on the major questions and burning issues of our time
  • Benefit from straight-forward credit transfer from DIS to your home university.


Cross-Cultural Leadership Skills for the Global Job Market

  • Develop skills that meet the challenges of a globalized world and an international job market, so you are equipped for employers' expectations of cross-cultural understanding
  • Learn through cultural immersion and build strong interactive skills as your thoughts and ideas cross international borders
  • Increase your decision making skills through an expanded awareness of diverse viewpoints, differing working methods and local idiosyncrasies.


Europe as your Study Abroad Classroom

  • Do it all - why choose to study or travel when you can have the best of both worlds? 
  • Be inspired by credit-bearing, faculty-led, course-integrated study tours that take you to amazing, academically inspirational destinations across Europe, Russia, and perhaps even to Greenland
  • Discover even more of Europe through field trips, adventure tours and day trips, all organized through DIS.


Experience through Cultural Immersion

  • Live the local culture through voluntary involvement in a range of social, sporting, religious and cultural programs
  • Sign up to join organizations and clubs at the ‘Immerse Yourself Fair’, where local groups, clubs and societies offer you the chance to join and take part in their activities
  • Maximize your study abroad experience by meeting and socializing with Danes your own age and interacting with the local culture.


Living Like a Local – Unique Housing Options

  • Choose to live with a host family and get the opportunity to really integrate into Danish daily life and build what are often lifelong friendships!
  • Live with a Danish roommate, who can be your local tour guide, Danish tutor and friend
  • Have a unique experience by staying at a Folkehøjskole – a great cultural tradition that many young Danes enjoy
  • Live like a local student in a residence hall (kollegium) and become more independent and self-reliant

To learn more about the DIS program, visit the Office of Cultural Enrichment and Diversity.