Dietetic Internship Affiliate Institutions

A variety of facilities in and around the Capital District, as well as the lower Hudson Valley and North Country have agreements with the SGS DI to host onsite track interns. The DI Director arranges placement for and schedules interns at facilities based on their prior type and level of work experience, preferences and geographic location. The intern's address in the Capital District is also taken into consideration whenever possible. The following facilities have provided practicum experiences for our interns over the past five years. Interns do not go to all of these facilities and usually only one intern is placed at a facility at any given time. Interns generally are placed at 5-7 facilities throughout the program. Applicants who apply for placement in the Lower Hudson Valley, North Country or other surrounding areas are primarily placed at facilities in those locations with the expectation that they are/will be living in the geographic area while completing the DI and commute to the Troy campus for orientation, presentations, special activities and some supervised practice rotations. These activities are approximately 15-25% of the dietetic internship practicum.

Current Onsite Placement Locations: 

  • Lower Hudson Valley (Kingston and Poughkeepsie areas, approximately 75 to 125 miles south of The Sage Colleges): 1 or 2 students may be placed in this area
  • North Country (Plattsburgh and Clinton County area, approximately 3 hours north of The Sage Colleges): 1 or 2 students may be placed in this area
  • Other locations as negotiated with the DI Director

Click here for a complete list of internship locations. (PDF)