Clinical Education

Clinical education is the clinical component of the physical therapy curriculum. It provides students with the opportunities to put clinical skills learned in classes into practice within a physical therapy setting under the direct supervision of a licensed physical therapist. The Sage Colleges' physical therapy curriculum consists of two phases of clinical education: four part time Clinical Applications scheduled during the fall and spring semesters of the first two years and three full time clinical education experiences.

Sage College Physical Therapy Department is committed to the pursuit of quality clinical experiences for its students. Quality of experience demands ongoing learning on the part of all stakeholders, including the Director of Clinical Education, the academic faculty, the clinical faculty (clinical instructors and center coordinators of clinical education ), and last but not least the students.


Dates for Academic Year 2011-2012


Part time experiences
Integumentary: Year 1, fall semester, 2011
Neuromuscular: Year 2, fall semester, 2011
Musculoskeletal: Year 1, spring semester, 2012
Cardiovascular / Pulmonary: Year 2, spring semester, 2012

Full time experiences
Clinical Education 1 (following year 1 of curriculum)
            Option A: May 14 - July 6, 2012
            Option B: June 18 - August 10, 2012
Clinical Education 2 (following year 2 of curriculum)
            May 14 - August 3, 2012
Clinical Education 3 (mid-year of year 3 of curriculum)
            November 26, 2012 - February 15, 2013


Contact Information

Carrie Foeller, PT, DScPT                                 Sally Robitaille
Director of Clinical Education                           PT Administrative Assistant                                    
518.244.2039                                                 518.244.2059

Tracy Sawyer, PT                                            Patricia Pohl, PT, PhD 
Assistant Director of Clinical Education           Chair, Program Director                              
518.244.2456                                                 518.244.2056