Paul J. Scimeca, CMPE

Vice President, Physician Practice and Community Health, Glens Falls Hospital

Master’s degree, Health Services Administration, The Sage Colleges School of Management, 2011

Paul Scimeca sought to complete his master’s degree at Sage’s School of Management in order to teach at the graduate level, and to bring a more nuanced understanding of the theory behind best practices to his work as vice president of Physician Practice & Community Health at Glens Falls Hospital. From quality management to information technology, Sage’s School of Management put all the pieces together, he said.

“I did extensive research on various master's programs and found Sage to be most attractive to the working professional,” said Scimeca, who lives and works nearly 50 miles away. “Scheduling is conducive to the working student and there is a growing support of online education.”

Scimeca completed his master’s degree in Health Services Administration in 2011, and is excited to return to Sage this fall, to teach in the graduate program.

“As a father of a grown child about to embark on an MBA program, I stressed to her that it's not about checking off the lists of what needs to be done (that's high school) nor finding an area of interest and focus (that's college).  Graduate school is where you deepen your knowledge and value as a professional in a 'grown up' setting.  The relationships are richer with both professors and fellow students, contacts are made and together you all grow in your profession,” he said.