School of Management Intern Profiles

Fall 2014

[SoM Interns Fall 2014] 

Caitlin Andreone (’15), Audit Intern
Office of the New York State Comptroller

Site Supervisor Comment: Paula Wilkerson
“Caitlin played an integral part in developing and completing multiple audits. She contributed several ideas and adapted to situations efficiently. Her energy and enthusiasm were greatly valued and added to the effectiveness of the team.”

[Justin Boynton]Justin Boynton (’15), Program Intern
The Arts Center of the Capital Region

Site Supervisor Comment: Sunny da Silva
“Justin has done an excellent job in an environment that offers little supervision.”


[Jennifer Crandall]Jennifer Crandall (’15), Marketing Intern
New York State Thruway Authority E-ZPASS

Site Supervisor Comment: Regina Bulman
“Jennifer has been a quick study and an organized, reliable and dedicated worker. She uses resources to work independently, asks questions, and accepts direction to move forward.  She made contributions to advance the team including the design of an E-ZPass marketing piece. She's greeted each new task with enthusiasm and has worked beyond expectations.”

[Nick Cyr]Nicholas Cyr (’15), Sales Intern

Site Supervisor Comment: Charles Eubanks
"Nick was able to work autonomously in our satellite office in Scotia. He was a trusted employee that provided great customer service to our clients.”

[Sean Daley]Sean Daley (’15), Accounting Intern
Albany Medical Center

Site Supervisor Comment: Dr. Noel Hogan
“Sean made real contributions to finding solutions to every project he worked on. In addition his obvious commitment to his career and his professionalism made him a role model. I expected Sean to excel on what little I knew of him. He delivered on every measure of what I look for in a young professional accountant. Go get the initials after your name!" 

[Emily Dooley]Emily Dooley (’15), Administrative Intern
Shaye Global, LLC

Site Supervisor Comment: Gerald Shaye
“I was very happy to have had the pleasure of working with Emily Dooley and only wish that we had more time together.”


[Marc Dudley]Marc Dudley (’15) , Media/Photography Intern
Brighter Choice Charter Schools

Site Supervisor Comment: Paul Stallings
“In my opinion, Marc Dudley’s unwavering devotion to the internship and Brighter Choice Charter Schools exemplifies strong moral fiber and character. He is a trustworthy individual that will achieve success in whatever career path he may choose.”


[Aarika Hansen]Aarika Hansen (‘15), Marketing Intern
Hansen’s Laundromat

Site Supervisor Comment: Lisa Hansen
“Aarika has taken on a very professional attitude and is extremely customer friendly but understands how to deal with difficult customers.”


[Akeba Ibrahim]Akeba Ibrahim (‘15), Human Resource Intern
Let’s Get Ready

Site Supervisor Comment: Rachel Cleaver
“Akeba was a wonderful asset to our office. She was the most reliable and effective Transition Coach that we had. During the calls, Akeba has a unique ability to relate to the students she was calling. Akeba did not get frustrated when some students did not want to talk and powered through. Akeba was always punctual and always has a great attitude. It was a pleasure to have Akeba in our office this summer.” 

[David Ioele]David Ioele (‘15), Management Intern
Arrow Leather Finishing, Inc.

Site Supervisor Comment: Michelle Kollar
“DJ has a great personality and gets along very well with the employees and customers.”


[Brandon Johnson]Brandon Johnson (‘15), Operations Intern
Ginsberg’s Foods

Site Supervisor Comment: John Brusie
“In short time Brandon was able to take an assignment and work with another team member, manager or even a business partner to accomplish the given responsibility. The tangible document he would produce or the fuel saving we’d calculate are great for a financial return on our dollar and cents invested in Brandon, but I feel more satisfied with what he was able to learn while working with the team.”

[Samaria Mavben]Samaria Mayben (‘15), Finance Intern
The Arts Center of the Capital Region

Site Supervisor Comment: Stacey Bridge
“Samaria was a big help in preparing for our annual audit and providing support by thoroughly researching software and hardware supply costs.”


Troy Nwanna (’15), Marketing Intern
Mission to Rebuild

Site Supervisor Comment: Camille Presbury
“Troy is driven, well-spoken, creative, and a team player!”

[Ashley Redwood]Ashley Redwood (‘15), Program Intern
Equinox Youth Outreach Center

Site Supervisor Comment: Matthew Rector
“It was a pleasure to have Ashley as part of our team at the Outreach Center for the semester. She is the type of intern we hope to get each semester. She showed willingness and ability to do whatever we asked of her and was helpful, friendly, and professional in her dealings with youth and staff.”


[Marleen Rivera]Marleen Rivera (‘16), Sales Intern
Bare Escentuals

Site Supervisor Comment: Kat DiCocco
“Marleen is great! She responds well to criticism (constructive), coaching and is a perfect example of the bare minerals culture. She is very driven and focused. To her this is more than a job.”

[Shannon Rossi]Shannon Rossi (‘15), Facilities and Planning Intern
The Sage Colleges

Site Supervisor Comment: Sara Alanzo
“Shannon has been very helpful and professional. She is a great team worker and also does well independently. I trust her to work on projects alone and know she is going to get it done well, and in a timely manner."

[Kayla Sancomb]Kayla Sancomb (‘15), Administrative Intern
Shaye Global, LLC

Site Supervisor Comment: Gerald Shaye
“Kayla has a passion for international business and would benefit from more exposure to it. I enjoyed hosting her.”


Maliek White (‘15), Sales/Billing Intern
MetroPlus Health Plan

Site Supervisor Comment: Amanda Williams
“Maliek’s attention to detail far surpassed what I would expect any intern to do. He has a strong ability to look at the bigger picture when needed, as well as the task at hand. There was no need for worry when given an assignment. He worked alongside me as if he had just as much invested as I did. Maliek was productive, positive and pleasant. He did not need much direction or motivation outside of the initial instructions. He was self-reliant and would only ask for help if it was necessary.”