Alhasan Bah

2014 Intern - Alhasan BahWorking as an intern at Equinox, Inc. has given me the opportunity to focus on several areas that I feel will prepare me for my future. Throughout my internship my responsibilities included event planning, interacting with young men attending the programs, and working alongside my supervisor. Effective communication, whether it be problem solving or formulating new ideas, is key to any functioning organization. My management skills were also put to the test as I planned and executed activities for program participants.

Additional responsibilities at Equinox, Inc. included negative-behavior modification and providing encouragement to those participants who were un-engaged in group activities. During my internship, and other prior experiences, I realized just how important it is to be a good role model to youth and the impact it could have on the life of someone you may have just met. Putting a smile on the face of a child is invaluable. This realization has given me the motivation to research careers related to child psychology. My confidence as a communicator, leader and as a business professional has grown, as I hoped it would during my internship. I look forward to what is to come after my graduation from Sage.

Rebecca Beeman, Equinox ORC, Internship Supervisor

Alhasan was great with the youth and they enjoyed having him around. He will be missed by many of our male clients. He is a wonderful young man and was a pleasure to have around. It was helpful to have a positive college student male role model for our youth.