Thomas Carpenter

2014 Intern - Thomas CarpenterMy job responsibilities included learning to use social and professional skills as I established business contacts and learned about business-to-business sales. In my internship I managed schedules, meetings, contact lists, and employee information files. In anticipation of my time at Aflac, I hoped to gain confidence as a public presenter, something I was not confident doing. During my internship, oral presentations were a routine activity. Preparation was key. Before reaching out to a potential client, I prepared by researching the client's business, history, and possible needs. In addition to gaining skills as a marketer, I observed Aflac's unique business structure, day-to-day operations, and strategic issues facing the organization. I believe I have developed the professional skills and work behaviors necessary to be an efficient and effective member in an organization within the insurance industry. I am preparing to take the 1755 NY Life, Accident, and Health Agent/Broker licensing exam.

Melissa Murphy, AFLAC, Internship Supervisor

Tom is extremely dependable and accountable. He has great qualities that will be helpful in his future. Tom was great to work with. He was very organized and always showed up with a positive attitude. He is an asset.