Bernard Castillo

My primary responsibilities as an intern in the Forensic Department at the State Police were to compile and maintain databases and search the organization’s databases to compile reports. Even though I did do clerical work for the Captain, I did some other amazing stuff such as job shadowing forensic scientists within different sections like DNA, trace evidence, fingerprinting, and drug chemistry.  I had in-depth conversations with my supervisor—a Captain—as well as a Major to get familiar about the job and the culture of the State Police.  I was able to go to division headquarters so I could job shadow staffdispatchers in the Communication Department. I was able to go on two ride-alongs with on duty State Troopers which was a dream of mine. I am living the dream, and I was very fortunate enough to have this opportunity. This experience confirmed that I do want to be a state trooper.  My plan is to take the exam in 2014.

Donald Kirk, Internship Supervisor:

Mr. Castillo was able to take direction and follow tasks through to completion.  He was concerned about the quality of his product and that the deliverable was completed in an acceptable time frame.  Bernard consistently requested more work and was happy to accommodate whatever was needed.  Based on his performance, Bernard was a positive addition to the section.  Any workplace would be happy to have him on staff particularly because of his positive attitude and ability to create relationships with folks on staff.  He took the job seriously and was task oriented.