Arica Coles

Arica ColesI learned about health care accounting working as an intern at Capital Living and Rehabilitation Centre.  I now understand how keeping track of the residents’ coverage really affects the organization’s revenue.  Each of the projects I worked on contributed to my overall understanding of the accounting cycle as applied to health care.   I learned the importance of accuracy in reporting data both internally and externally.   This internship experience started off as a temporary position.  At the end of my internship experience the CFO asked me to join the staff in a part-time permanent position; I accepted the job.  I can see that a good work-based opportunity may lead to an exciting career.

Scott Milkins, ‎Accounting Supervisor at Capital Living and Rehabilitation Centres, Internship Supervisor:

Ms. Cole was very eager to learn.  It was important for Arica to understand 
workflow and how internal processes and procedures align with external 
mandates.  Erica ran weekly Medicare/Medicaid Billing and Cost Reports; she 
learned how the reports are used by management, how to prepare schedules, and 
the rules and regulations regarding health care billing for this facility.