Crystal Keenan

Crystal KeenanI experienced both success and failure during my internship opportunity.  One of the most important achievements was my ability to build my interpersonal team skills along with my management ability.  I learned that managing an unmotivated team is difficult.  I realized that it was critical to find a way to engage the team members to complete tasks efficiently.  Working in conjunction with my store manager, I created a program that was competitive and provided staff the opportunity to participate in storewide meetings that set the standards for the store.  This new program boosted employee morale and lead to an increase in productivity.  

CVS Internship Supervisor:

Ms. Keenan was instrumental in creating a program that improved team performance. First, she established a communication network between management and cashiers. Second, she made a difference in ensuring the team knew corporate standards and expectations by coordinating a store meeting each week to review standards and solicit ways to improve performance. Crystal is a good collaborator and able to motivate employees.