Laurel Martin

2014 Intern - Laurel MartinPrior to my internship, I was unsure of what to expect and thought mainly of coffee runs or "The Devil Wears Prada". My time at Shaye Global LLC, however, far exceeded those and all other expectations of what an internship could teach me. I was responsible for such tasks as gathering market research on leading sectors in other countries, working under the guidance of my supervisor with the U.S. Department of Commerce, networking with people from other companies and countries (including China, Columbia and South America), maintaining and updating databases, and preparing PowerPoint presentations for academic use.

One very valuable lesson I took away from my internship is the importance of networking and relationships. Having a secure and positive connection with business partners maintains the integrity and success of the organization. I also came away from my internship feeling confident in my ability to work autonomously. I was so impressed by my mentor, I had to know his secret to a successful business. Although he stays busy, he only stays busy with things that he loves and he only deals with people he likes. This was a great learning experience for me.

Gerald Shaye, Shaye Global LLC, Internship Supervisor

Laurel is at ease in meetings, she is very reliable, punctual, highly motivated and hard-working. Laurel took initiative in helping me better organize my work. Laurel is a promising young lady.