Chelsea Martin

Chelsea MartinMy primary areas of responsibilities include inventory control, maintain financial records based on a day-to-day basis, handled all merchandise orders and shipping as well as and any other errands that needed to be accomplished.  While performing all of these tasks, I also helped the supervisor of HoushCo. manage all of the projects on the floor.  At one time we would have between 20 and 30 projects being worked on by our wood, metal and finishing workers.  Keeping these projects on pace and organized was a priority and could not be managed by a single person.  Through this experience I developed an understanding of project management and the importance of on-time deliverables.  This summer was an amazing learning opportunity.  John and his company are currently in a time of transition and development.  The timing was perfect, I was able to be a part of this renovation and the experiences associated with it.  I was thrown into this multimillion dollar company and encouraged to make proposals for overall organizational improvement.  I had a chance to make real suggestions and then find ways to implement them.   

John Houshmand, President Housh Company:

Ms. Martin is hard-working, dedicated, indefatigable, quick thinking, strong and sharp.  And she is the most cheerful person I have met in years.  I have had a lot of employees for decades.  Some have been wonderful, some not so. Chelsea is at the top of the list which is so interesting because for the most part she has been at the entry-level of the work teams.  I have often given her tasks that grown men could or would not do properly, and tasks that she knew nothing about but would have to learn on the fly and quickly.  She has excelled in all things.  If she would stay on at Houshmand, I would have a position for her for life.