David McCarty

David McCartyWorking as an intern at Gavant Software, Inc. was an experience that gave me the opportunity to truly develop valuable business skills. I conducted market research that helped develop a viable events-based mobile app that could be used by cities, chambers of commerce, and other similar organizations. The primary experience as a Marketing Associate Intern included research and development, competitive analysis, and conducting business meetings.  As I was researching other apps early in my internship, Jon told me I had done an excellent job in finding other apps that we could model our app’s style after. When I recommended adding to the website some quotes from customers praising Gavant’s work, he told me that was a great idea and that he really liked it; within a few days he had added a quote to nearly every case study on Gavant’s website. When I put together the leave-behind for the app and presented it to Jon, he was impressed that I took initiative to create it on my own and told me he liked how it looked. All of this positive feedback really boosted my confidence. Because I have no software background when I first agreed to take the internship, I was afraid I wouldn’t do a good job. I had a fear that I would horribly mess up or otherwise wouldn’t be suited for the jobs with which I was tasked. But Jon’s praise throughout the internship alleviated my fears and let me know I was performing well. I saw that Jon valued my work and that I was in fact a valuable contributor to the company.

Jon Kloptosky, President, Gavant Software, Internship Supervisor:

Mr. McCarty fleshed out our market opportunity for a new product initiative.  He conducted associated research and competitive analysis.  He identified and built a database of interested targeted customers to approach on product completion.  David was able to run with tasks on his own, popping up with the right questions at the right time.  He completed activities we didn’t have the bandwidth to take on. As a result, I have asked David to stay on with Gavant.  I am looking forward to continuing his efforts with him in his current role as a part-time employee.