Juan Polanco

Juan PolancoIn the sales world I have learned that is great to know more than one language.  This is a major advantage in business especially when working with a diverse clientele.  The day my district manager told me she needed my help to effectively help her communicate policy information to groups and individuals who only spoke the Spanish language, I got excited. This was an unexpected moment during my internship experience. Typically, I would be shadowing an agent or attending business meetings. When the day came to give a presentation on the company and their products in Spanish, I had a great feeling inside because that was the moment that let me know that I am fit for the job.  I am just a rookie starting out as an intern but down the road and many years in, I know with hard work and commitment I can probably be the best sales person in the world.  People can laugh and say that’s impossible but for me nothing is impossible—no dream is too big to achieve.

Krista Grassia, Aflac, Internship Supervisor:

Mr. Polanco has strong teamwork skills and did an excellent job speaking and communicating with clients in the field.  Juan was particularly helpful to me when communicating with Spanish-speaking clients.  His language proficiency was a major asset.  He is very enthusiastic and is always willing to learn.