Zachary Sullivan

Zachary SullivanOne of my learning objectives for this internship experience included reviewing and redeveloping job specifications and job responsibilities.  This learning objective was my big project for my summer internship.  I was responsible for evaluating all positions in the kitchen, and find a way to rearrange the tasks of each person to save money by cutting positions and make the kitchen more efficient and productive as a whole.  After completing my internship, I was able to reduce the number of FTEs, or full time equivalents by 8 people per week while still having enough people to accomplish all tasks in the kitchen for each day.  This would have saved the department about 300 hours of labor per week.  Although Baptist never adopted my strategy (as far as I know), the project was a good learning tool on how to reorganize a department to cut cost while improving efficiency.

Jennifer Phelps, Food Service/HR Director, Baptist Health and Nursing Rehabilitation Center:

Mr. Sullivan worked under my supervision as a part-time food service employee for two summers prior to his official internship.  In the late summer Zach asked if he could move into the HR department in order to expand his knowledge and learn about HR policies, procedures, and the work of a Human Resource Director.  He was tasked with a number of human resource related projects.  Zach performed above my expectations.  His new position placed him in a role of supervising the food service workers that were part of his work team. This proved to be a huge learning experience for him and in the end, he gained the respect of his former team.