School of Management Internship Resources

Preparing for Success With  Real-World Experience

You've done the research and learned the theory, now it's time to put it to work. The Sage School of Management ensures that students are prepared for life outside of the classroom. Internships are a critical step along the path to success. These work-based learning experiences provide students an opportunity to further develop skills you have acquired in the classroom - professionalism, leadership, critical thinking, effective communication - to name a few.  Internships are also a chance to gain additional insight into a particular field, network with professionals, and afford students the opportunity to explore personal interests.

What to Do, Who to Talk to

Students typically register for the internship in their junior year or summer prior to their senior year.  In addition, Sage Seniors may do an internship during the Fall or Spring of their last year.  As students receive credit hours for completing the internship (3 credits - 135 hours of work), they must register for BUS 327 or ACC 327. Here are some additional steps involved in the process:

      Getting Ready

  • Consult with Career Services to update your resume, explore current lists of internship sites and practice interviewing skills.
  • Begin contacting potential internship site supervisors.
  • Secure an internship position with a for-profit or non-profit organization. You will need approval from the Faculty Internship Director prior to accepting the internship.
  • Make an appointment with the Faculty Internship Director to complete the Internship Registration form and create your learning objectives. You will need written verification from the site supervisor at this point in the process.
  • Provide the site supervisor a hard copy and electronic copy of the evaluation form so the site supervisor can complete the performance evaluation prior to the site visit.

      Once the Internship Has Begun

  • Maintain an internship journal (day-by-day or week-by-week describing employee interactions and work processes learned, etc).
  • Prior to the conclusion of the internship experience, site supervisor completes the performance evaluation form and meets on-site with the Faculty Internship Director and the intern.
  • Attend class sessions during the Fall or Spring Semesters (dates will be posted on Sage Advisor)


  • Students prepare a final paper.  Guidelines are provided to the student.
  • Students update resume to reflect the internship experience.
  • Students will have a professional head shot and individual web page on the School of Management's intern profiles website.

Start Planning Now

Consult with your Faculty Adviser to discuss details concerning the internship and how this experience will work into your educational plan. Use the resources at hand and visit the Career Planning office (3rd floor SCA library) very early in the process to get ready to put your best self forward. Make an appointment with a Career Counselor to evaluate and update your resume and to discuss effective interview skills. Also, check out the New York State Leaders: Student Intern Program.