Announcement of New Hire: Gerald Silberstein, Ph.D., C.P.A.

September 13, 2012 at 11:06 am

Announcement of New Appointment: Dr. Gerald Silberstein, Ph.D.


Gerald (Gerry) Silberstein, Ph.D, C.P.A., will be joining the School of Management during the fall of 2012 as a full-time Assistant Professor of Accounting. He is also the Coordinator of the the Accounting Program. Dr. Silberstein was a part-time Visiting Assistant Professor for the School of Management during the 2011-‘12 academic year. 

Dr. Silberstein is a long-time resident of the Capital Region and earned his Ph.D. in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He holds Certified Public Accounting licenses from the states of New York and Illinois. He worked for the New York State Department of Health for over 20 years prior to joining The Sage Colleges.

Publications by Dr. Silberstein have examined the clinical and financial consequences of changes in law and administrative procedure. He also worked on the development of the New York State Electronic Medical Records System and the Electronic Prescribing system for the New York State Medicaid Program. He spearheaded development of a number of computerized systems including analytics for geocoded disease outbreaks, a multi-level statewide inventory system for vaccines, and a voucher payment system for state-funded lab tests for AIDS patients.  

Dr. Silberstein credits his time in government with teaching him three critical leadership lessons:

“First and foremost, trust your staff. It is then highly probable that they will then trust you and reward you with some of the best work you may have ever seen. Second, never be reluctant to raise an issue. The mission is to get the job done, and to do that we need open, fast, and reliable communication. Third, see your role as it fits your personality and talents within the organizational structure. This led me to assume a helping and collaborative posture that greatly contributed to the success of any operation.”

Dr. Silberstein’s colleagues in the School of Management praise his accomplishments and cite the specific benefits of his presence at Sage. He was, they say, instrumental in creating student internship opportunities at the New York State Office of the Comptroller, and bringing the board of the Institute of Management Accountants to Sage for their meetings and presentations.

Dr. Silberstein’s most recent publication was in the Journal of Health Care Finance. His current research interests are in the area of quantitative measures of hospital-case intensity of financial-resource use.

In Sage, Dr. Silberstein has found, he says, an environment that, “encourages inquiry, expression and discovery on the part of both faculty and students." He is greatly enjoying the challenge of extending the Accounting Program and hopes to be seen “as a highly respected teacher, an accomplished researcher, and as a strong constructive force in educational life here at Sage.”  

When not engaged with his teaching, writing or research, Dr. Silberstein enjoys woodworking, fishing, boating and reading.  (The most recent non-scholarly book Dr. Sliberstein enjoyed was Fahrenheit 451, by the recently deceased Ray Bradbury, whose talents, Dr. Silberstein says, “will be missed.”)

As a family man, he also enjoys spending time with his wife, Cindy, a Russell Sage alumna, and his daughters – whom Dr. Silberstein says are growing up far too quickly.