Faculty Highlight - Roger Gans

December 3, 2013 at 7:37 am

Roger GansThe School of Management proudly acknowledges exceptional faculty member, Roger Gans. Recently awarded "Top Graduate Student Research Paper" at the 71st annual New York State Communication Association (NYSCA) Conference, Gans presented The Politics of HPV Vaccination Advocacy: Effects of Source Expertise on Effectiveness of a Pro-Vaccine Message.

Gans serves as adjunct Professor of Marketing and Communications at The Sage Colleges and is working towards his PhD at the State University of NY, Albany.

Years of work in the field of healthcare marketing and advertising got Gans thinking about what makes a person more effective. This theme is a common thread throughout his research, most recently culminating in his award-winning report on communication effectiveness between expert/non-expert sources of controversial advocacy messages regarding HPV vaccines. "It's not just the spokesperson, but the kind of message delivered." Through his research, Gans concluded that emotionally tinged communication is more effective at eliciting a response than is a logic-based, non-emotional communication style.

As a part of the Sage Community for seven years, Gans found the inspiration to pursue his PhD, although he doesn't plan to stop there. Discounting the notion of a terminal degree, education continually provides new answers to old questions, and more importantly, according to Gans, new questions that need answers.

Acting simultaneously as student and teacher has given Gans a unique vantage point on life and being an educator. "As human beings we are terrible listeners and we're terrible at paying attention to things we ought to be paying attention to, class is one of them." In his teachings, Gans focuses on the idea that as communicators we must "close the loop" by not only speaking, but listening and truly hearing those that are speaking to us in return. Gans says taking classes has helped reinforce this point, but has also taught him new teaching styles which he plans to incorporate into his own lesson plans. "I keep encountering new ideas that are very exciting and I want to share immediately."