Faculty News

Faculty News 09/22/2014 - Prof. MaryEllen Tedesco

Prof. Tedesco was honored by the Troy Record for American Business Women's Day on Monday, September 22, 2014. You may view the article entitled "Holiday Honors Nation's Businesswomen" here:



Faculty Highlight - Prof. Eileen Brownell

Prof. Brownell toured the Google Campus with Mimosa Lynch (RSC 2008) in August. Lynch has been working at Google, Mountain View, CA since 2011 as a localization operations project manager.


Faculty Highlight - Dr. Gerald Silberstein

Dr. Gerald Silberstein taught at the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE). This activity was part of an informal faculty exchange program which began when Dr. Alex Li, Professor of Finance at SUIBE, was a visiting scholar at The Sage Colleges during the Fall of 2012. Dr. Silberstein taught the Analysis of Financial Statements (in English) to students on the main campus of SUIBE. As well, a number of students from Shanghai studied at Sage during the Spring of 2014. It is hoped that the exchange of both students and faculty will continue to enrich the academic lives of both schools.


Faculty Highlight - Dr. Huimin Xu

Dr. Xu was published twice over the 2014 Summer term:

Xu, Huimin, Leung, Ada, & Lin, Guo (2014), Social Tie Distance’s Effect on Regulatory Focus When Buying for Others. Association for Consumer Research, Baltimore, MD.

Xu, Huimin & Wu, Jiayun (2014), Ever After: A Price Story. An Investigation of Afterlife Salience and Willingness to Pay. American Marketing Association, San Francisco, CA.