Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The professional M.B.A. program at Sage Graduate School is designed to develop leaders who can manage complex organizations and who have the desire and capability to move into high level positions. For nearly three decades, Sage MBAs have taken major leadership roles in business, government, health care and non-profit organizations. Top management positions are well within the reach of our graduates.

[John Bellardini]

"Business leaders should be able to help others. That’s what Sage prepared me for. There was a touch of heart, a sensibility that you don’t often get in business school about understanding people."

- John Bellardini

The Sage M.B.A. is particularly tailored to professionals in the workplace. The M.B.A. program is contemporary and practitioner oriented and includes behavioral aspects of management. Thanks to our flexible schedule, with evenings, weekend, summer, and on-line courses even the busiest student can complete their degree within two years. When combined with business experience, the Sage M.B.A. will develop leaders prepared to make effective decisions in any organization.

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Students can choose from among several specialized courses in fulfilling their elective category, or opt to concentrate in:

  • Business Strategy
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • or Human Resources.

These concentrations are structured to cover the knowledge and skills central to establishing competencies in the area most critical and interesting to the student.

For those students who do not want an area of concentration they may choose from a wide number of traditional MBA elective and/or may elect to take graduate courses found in other graduate programs. For example, the student can complete their nine credit hours requirement by choosing from a vast array of complementary graduate courses in areas such as Health Services, Community Psychology, or Education, etc.

Program Requirements

The Sage MBA requires a minimum of 42 semester hours of graduate coursework. If students do not have a background in management/business, prerequisite coursework may be required. To determine whether prerequisite coursework is necessary, prospective students should meet with the program director. All students taking M.B.A. courses, including non-matriculants, must seek academic advisement on a regular basis by contacting the MBA office at (518) 292-1700.

Program Delivery

The Sage MBA Program has always been known for its flexibility and its student focus. Our responsibility is to help define, inspire and grow strong business decision makers. To this end, Sage has created a series of curricular milestones that will aid in structuring student development. Three Sage milestones, revolving around class activities, are strategically placed at three different levels of the program. These milestones not only help to focus and organize the uniqueness of Sage's program, but are invaluable aids to student development and self-assessment.