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(Open to all students)

To be offered Spring 2016 semester.

Commerce & Culture in Italy (BUS 348-11/MBA 599-90/SOC 348-90) is a once in a lifetime opportunity to tour Italy while taking a 3-credit course. Explore Italy's rich history and beautiful cities while learning about their economy, business, cuisine, traditions, and culture.

  • BUS 348-11/MBA 599-90 Course Description: Students will study Italian commerce and culture both in the classroom and traveling to Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Bologna, Perugia and Venice in January 2015. This short-term study abroad travel course includes a focus on specialized Italian food products including wine and olive oil production, fine glass and crystal, jewelry and leather. You will learn about the slow food movement and will experience two pranzos in Umbria and Perugia. You will understand the importance of cultural traditions and watch Italian masters create a Murano glass product on the island of Murano as well as design and demonstrate cameo making in Naples. Study how wine is made and distributed at a local vineyard/villa. Learn about large-scale production of chocolate products at the Perugina Factory. The cultural component of the course is embedded in your travel experience and course readings. Key lectures will include the following topics/issues: Catholicism and the importance of religion in Italian culture, gain an appreciation for art history (works from medieval to contemporary artists), and discover the Medici family history as related to politics and commerce. You will gain an understanding of an important social problem in Italy and the EU, sex trafficking. Tours and lectures at historical locations include the Pompeii Ruins, the Vatican Museums, Pitti Palace, Academia, the Coliseum, and the Doge's Palace have been designed to support the topics of study in this course.

Where: Students will visit Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Naples, Bologna, Perugia & Venice

When:  The trip takes place January 3th - January 13th, 2016. In addition to the trip, students will meet with the instructor three additional times over the course of the semester (dates on Sage Advisor).

Course Instructor: Eileen Brownell 

Additional Information: This course is to be offered Spring 2016 semester providing there is a sufficient number of eligible students for the course (number of students interested and qualified with a 3.0 cumulative GPA at the end of the Spring 2015 semester).

For more information contact:

Lauren Robichaud