Physical Therapy Exam Pass Rates

Exam Current Pass Rate
National Physical Therapy Exam

* The ultimate pass rate is the percent of graduates over a 3 year time who have passed the exam, regardless of the number of attempts. Graduates can only take the exam 3 times in a year. Sage is the only DPT Program in NY with a 100% ultimate pass rate for the 2005-2007 three- year period (the latest data available). The majority of PT grads pass on the first attempt (82% of graduates over the past 5 years passed on the first attempt which is consistent with the national first time pass rate).

For the last 6 graduating classes: 100% ultimate pass rate is higher than National and New York State averages. Ultimate national pass rate is 98%. Ultimate pass rates for other NY DPT Programs for 2005-2007 range from 88% to 99%.