• Admission Staff
    Admission Staff

Admission Staff


First-Year Admission

Admission representatives for first-year students are assigned regionally. Use the zip code search below to identify YOUR admission rep!

Zip Code


Tom Breen - Senior Director of Undergraduate Admission
Paige Collins - Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission
Chukwuma Asala - Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission


Transfer Admission

Kelly Gansfuss - Director of Transfer Admission
James Biegner - Assistant Director of Transfer Admission

Graduate + Adult Admission

Wendy Diefendorf - Senior Director of Graduate and Adult Admission
Karie Lindenman - Assistant Director of Graduate & Adult Admission
Thomas Barresi - Assistant Director of Graduate & Adult Admission

Event and Visit Coordinators

Erin Dewey - Coordinator of Office Operations & Events
Sarah Buckley - Visit Coordinator - Albany Campus
Jaime Logan - Visit Coordinator - Graduate and Adult


Beth Robertson - Associate Vice President for Admission