Sage Is Test-Optional

The Sage Colleges do not require standardized testing for their undergraduate applicants to Russell Sage College and the Sage College of Albany.

"The SAT continues to be a less reliable predictor of first year performance or success in college compared to high school GPA and class rank. Our own studies at Sage have confirmed this. We continue to rely on our assessment of the whole record as the best way to assess students ready for Sage," according to Sage's provost, Dr. Terry Weiner.

Sage utilizes a holistic approach to student evaluation: academic preparation – rigor and achievement – is the most important factor followed by recommendations and students' personal profiles.

"Our approach to selecting students is very similar to the way students chose a college: we look at many factors, keep in mind a student's background and interests, and assess the match between that student and Sage. No one factor is a 'driver,' it is the sum of the whole," according to Sage's vice president Dan Lundquist. "If a student wants to submit test scores we will be happy to receive them, just as we want to learn about their accomplishments and goals. But if a student doesn't submit scores we won't assume anything, just as if they don't tell us about a hobby. We don't guess about what's not in the application, we focus on what's in an application."

At Sage we believe that it's your application, your choice.

*SATs are required for accelerated programs since graduate schools often require this information in dual admissions. Any program that has an agreement with an external institution will require test scores. If a program is linked to Sage Graduate Schools, Sage is test-optional.