Find the Right Fit... at Sage

Welcome to Sage, where we pride ourselves on:

  • PERSONAL education
    • Small classes and professors that know and care about you
    • Interdisciplinary programs let you tailor your degree
  • PRACTICAL experience and outcomes
    • Gain valuable experience through internships and service learning
    • Take advantage of accelerated and linked programs with the Sage Graduate Schools and other colleges
  • AFFORDABLE quality
    • Merit scholarships (up to $12,000 per year) are awarded to all qualified transfer students.
    • Calculate your bottom line college cost with Sage's Net Price Calculator, now customized for transfer students!
  • TRANSFER FRIENDLY admission and academic programs
    • We give you credit for your hard work! Sage strives to maximize your college credits so you can complete your degree faster.
    • Sage has agreements in place with most two-year schools to ensure that your courses transfer to Sage.

[Kelly Gansfuss] [Kathryn Aviza] We are here to help.
We work exclusively with transfer students, and we understand your issues, concerns and goals. We look forward to beginning this journey with you!
Kelly Gansfuss
Director of Transfer

(518) 292-1730
Kathryn Aviza
Assistant Director of
Transfer Admission

(518) 244-4565

Four easy steps for transferring to Sage:

  1. Find your program
  2. Visit Sage
  3. Apply online
  4. Transfer your credits

The Transfer Admission Office is here to help you every step of the way. We encourage you to contact us to learn more, set up a tour, and meet your professors.

With two historic campuses and the widest variety of degree offerings, Sage has a program that fits your unique goals and lifestyle. The campuses are close-knit and welcoming. Your classes will be small. Your professors will know your name and your interests. And you will meet classmates who will become your lifelong friends.

Explore these pages to learn more about how Sage understands and caters to the needs of transfer students. Find out why we are the premier destination for transfers in our area. Come visit us and let us show you how Sage is right for you.

Step 1: Choose your Program

Sage has a program that is right for you. First, choose your campus.

Russell Sage College attracts women of influence to our historic downtown Troy location. What does it mean to attend a women-only college? It means that women are the scholars in your class. It means that women hold every student leadership position on campus. Women run the student government and all the student clubs. And women build a full social life on our riverfront campus in a vibrant downtown area.

Learn more about the programs offered at Russell Sage College.

The Sage College of Albany offers degree programs for men and women in the heart of Albany's University Heights neighborhood along New Scotland Avenue. It is no surprise that our location lends itself to a long list of programs that focus on careers. Of course, you may know the Sage College of Albany for our wide range of programs in the fine arts. Perhaps you have seen an art exhibit at our famous Opalka Gallery.

Learn more about the programs offered at Sage College of Albany.

Sage also offers part-time evening programs on our Albany campus. Learn more about the programs offered through the School of Professional and Continuing Education.

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Step 2: Visit Us

The best way to find out how Sage is right for you is to visit us. We offer a number of events throughout the year that are designed to answer most of your questions and give you a chance to meet your professors. The best way to experience Sage is in person. View our list of upcoming events.

We welcome visitors at any time. If you would like to arrange a private visit and tour, or to meet with an academic department, please contact our admission office directly at: 888-VERY SAGE.

And, of course, we would love to have you come to campus to have fun. Come cheer on our athletes, the Sage Gators. We compete in a number of men's and women's sports. Check out to learn more and to see schedules of upcoming games.

Come see a play or a presentation or an art exhibit. A complete list of community events is available online in our events listing.

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Step 3: Apply Online

Sage offers rolling admission for many of our programs. What that means is that you can apply at any time and it is not too late to enter next term. We encourage you to apply early. Please note that we recommend transferring to Physical Education, Graphic Design and Interior Design only in the fall term. If you are interested in transferring into our Nursing program at Russell Sage, we must receive your completed application materials by March 1 for Fall admission and October 1 for Spring admission.  If you are interested in transferring into our Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy programs, there is a priority deadline of March 1 for Fall admission and October 1 for Spring Admission. 

Please note, Russell Sage College Nursing program has a priority deadline for the Spring 2016 semester is October 1, 2015.  Transfer admission requirements for the Nursing program at Russell Sage College is a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale).  GPA requirements for both the Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy programs are a minimum 3.25 (on a 4.0 scale). Please email any questions you may have to

Learn more about specific admission requirements:

Apply online now:

The Sage Colleges are moderately priced, private institutions with a commitment to affordability. Learn more about available financial aid.

In addition, the Sage Colleges offer a number of scholarships available to transfer students. Learn more about scholarships available to transfer students.

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Step 4: Transfer Your Credits

At Sage we give you credit. We have developed a number of agreements with community colleges and other universities to allow you to transfer entire programs of study to Sage. We work hard to maximize the credit that you can apply towards your Sage degree.

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(518) 292-1730