Alumni of The Sage Colleges

[Alumni of The Sage Colleges] 

There are more than 34,000 proud alumni of Sage. I bet you know a few by name.

Sage alums can be found across the U.S. and internationally making a difference in their communities and their career fields. They serve in positions of influence at macro and micro levels. They are in Congress, heads of state and national agencies, ambassadors, CEOs and presidents, owners and inventors, teachers and health care professionals, authors and artists.

For stories on your fellow alumnae/i and news of your alma mater - where exciting things are always happening - check out our alumni publications:

Connections for alumnae of Russell Sage College

Crossroads for alumni of Sage Graduate Schools and Sage College of Albany (including the former Junior College of Albany and Sage Evening College)

Horizons the annual showcase magazine of The Sage Colleges

Sage has much to offer you, even after you graduate.

We encourage you to stay active with your College.

  • Read your alumni publications, and submit your news for Class Notes.
  • Participate in an Alumni event or Admission Open House.
  • Support Sage students through giving opportunities.

It is the policy of The Sage Colleges (TSC) not to release alumni records, information regarding individuals, or lists of names of alumni or former students, unless the request is for a TSC-related activity or TSC-approved functions, e.g., Alumni and/or Reunion Weekends. Further, no records or information regarding alumni or lists of alumni names will be released regarding anyone who has requested such information be kept confidential, i.e., has requested "no contact."

Access to information on former classmates or other alumni is not permitted. However, the Office of Institutional Advancement (IA) operates a free alumni locator service. If a valid address on the alumnus/a in question is available, the IA Office will notify them that a fellow alumnus/a is looking to contact them. The IA Office will provide the alumnus/a with your name, how to contact you, and the reason for your inquiry.

Alumni are also encouraged to utilize social media networking to locate and connect with fellow alumni.  TSC is active on Facebook at either the Russell Sage College Alumnae page and/or  the Sage Alumni Association page and on Twitter:  @Sage Albany Alum.

To request information from the Office of IA, please either call at 518-244-2242 or email at or


Sage wants to hear from and see you again!