Albany Alumni Board

An alumni board comprised of graduates of Sage College of Albany, Sage Graduate Schools, and the former Junior College of Albany and Sage Evening College has been formed to promote connections among alumni and their alma mater.  The members are:

[Paul Hook JCA'87]
Paul Hook
[Paul Jaeckle SGS '09]
Paul Jaeckle
SGS '09
[Kristen Hanlon RSC'02, SGS'04]
Kristen Hanlon
RSC'02, SGS'04
[Malachi Jackson JCA'99, SCA'07]
Malachi Jackson
JCA'99, SCA'07
[Mac-Arthur Louis SCA '06]
Mac-Arthur Louis
SCA '06
[Linda Rolfe JCA '67]
Linda Rolfe
JCA '67
[Carol Fairley Rubino SEC'72, SGS'75]
Carol Fairley Rubino
SEC'72, SGS'75
[MaryEllen Tedesco SEC'08, SGS'10]
MaryEllen Tedesco
SEC'08, SGS'10

[Kristen Hanlon RSC'02, SGS'04]Kristen Hanlon RSC'02, SGS'04
Vice President Sales and Marketing, Bullock Hospitality

Kristen Hanlon has over 15 years experience in the hospitality industry. She and her husband founded a hotel management company, Bullock Hospitality. She credits The Sage Colleges for her entrepreneurial spirit and the skills to run her own business and looks forward to working with the alumni board to create that same spirit in future graduates.

[Paul Hook JCA'87]Paul Hook JCA'86
VP of Marketing and Business Development, Overit

At Overit, Paul oversees the business development department and manages agency marketing initiatives. He has worked on campaigns for not-for-profit organizations, financial and higher education institutions, arts organizations, and corporate and retail clients. He is also an internationally published illustrator, with work appearing in magazines, scientific journals and travel publications

[Paul Jaeckle SGS '09]Paul Jaeckle SGS '09
Senior Director of Asset Protection, Walmart Stores, Inc.-Walmart East

Paul Jaeckle is the Senior Director of Asset Protection for Walmart Stores, Inc. based in Atlanta and having responsibility of 1400 stores on the East Coast from Puerto Rico to Maine. He began his career at Walmart as an hourly associate in Illinois in 1997. In 16 years with the company, he has held a variety of leadership positions in loss prevention, asset protection, innovations and store operations. He holds a bachelor's degree from Western Illinois University and a master's degree from Sage. Paul is also currently an Alumna Trustee with The Sage Colleges and is Chair of the HR Subcommittee.

[Malachi Jackson JCA'99, SCA'07]Malachi Jackson JCA'99, SCA'07

Malachi Jackson is an aspiring artist and music producer. He has traveled as a musician with multiple bands playing different genres of music and has shown his fine art in a number of venues.

[Mac-Arthur Louis SCA '06]Mac-Arthur Louis SCA '06

Mac-Arthur Louis was born in Haiti and has been working in the field of information technology for more than 19 years. He has expertise in project portfolio management, enterprise application development, business development and process improvement and has received several awards for his projects. He recently joined Health Research, Incorporated as a project manager and has coordinated and managed several mission critical projects and teams simultaneously for New York State Department of Health. Louis graduated cum laude from Sage and earned an MBA at the University at Albany.

[Linda Rolfe JCA '67]Linda Rolfe JCA '67
Accustaff Temp at the NYS Department of Health

Linda Rolfe worked for the New York State Department of Health for 39 years. She retired in 2005 and now works through a temp agency in the DOH's Bureau of Employee Relations/Staff Development. She is president of the Certified Professional Secretary/Certified Administrative Professional Society of New York State and a member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals.

[Carol Fairley Rubino SEC'72, SGS'75]Carol Fairley Rubino SEC'72, SGS'75
Owner, Rubino Associates

Carol Fairley Rubino owns Rubino Associates, an organization and education consulting firm, specializing in customized training and services focused on strategic and cooperative planning, development, implementation and evaluation of programs. She was a member and officer of the former Sage Evening Division's student organization, the first president of the Sage Graduate School Alumni Association and the first chairperson of the former Sage Colleges Federated Alumni Association.

[MaryEllen Tedesco SEC'08, SGS'10]MaryEllen Tedesco SEC'08, SGS'10
Assistant Director, Personnel New York State Police, Civilian Hiring Unit

MaryEllen Tedesco is an assistant director of personnel with the New York State Police, responsible for the recruiting, testing and hiring processes for the civilian workforce throughout the State of New York. In this capacity, she has also linked Sage students with a variety of internships throughout the state police. She said her Sage education has helped her to develop as a leader and mentor.