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Les Miserables

September 2013 | By Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schonberg and Herbert Kretzmer | Director: Michael Musial

James and the Giant Peach

May 2013 | By Roald Dahl, adapted by David Wood | Director: Michael Musial

[James and the Giant Peach] [James and the Giant Peach]

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

April 2013 | By Rupert Holmes | Director: Michael Musial

[The Mystery of Edwin Drood]  

The Trojan Women

March 2013 | By Euripides, adapted by Leigh Strimbeck | Director: Leigh Strimbeck

[The Trojan Women] [The Trojan Women]

Lord of the Flies

February 2013 | By William Golding, adapted by Nigel Williams | Director: David Bunce

[Lord of the Flies] [Lord of the Flies]

Willy Wonka

December 2012 | Director: Michael Musial

[Willy Wonka] [Willy Wonka]

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

October 2012 | By Edward Albee | Director: David Baecker

[Who's Affraid of Virginia Woolf?] [Who's Affraid of Virginia Woolf?]

The War of the Worlds

September 2012 | By H.G. Wells, adapted by Howard Koch | Director: David Baecker

[The War of the Worlds] [The War of the Worlds]

A Year With Frog and Toad

June 2012 | By Willie Reale and Robert Reale | Director: Shannon Rafferty


The Medium

March, 2012 | By Gian Carlo Menotti | Director: Michael Musial

[The Medium] [The Medium]

Much Ado About Nothing

February 2012 | By William Shakespeare | Director: David Baecker

[Much Ado About Nothing] [Much Ado About Nothing]

Peter Pan

December 2011 | By Jules Styne, Mark Charlap, Carolyn Leigh, Betty Comden and Adolph Green | Director: Michael Musial

Hell And High Water

October 2011 | By Jamuna Yvette Sirker | Director: Leigh Strimbeck

[Hell And High Water] [Hell And High Water]

Songs For A New World

September/October 2011 | By Jason Robert Brown | Director: Michael Musial

[Songs For A New World] [Songs For A New World]

Seussical the Musical

March 2011 | By Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty | Director: Michael Musial

The Heiress

February 2011 | By Ruth and Augustus Goetz | Director: David Baecker

[The Heiress] [The Heiress]

A Piece of My Heart

November 2010 | By Shirley Lauro | Director: David Baecker

[A Piece of My Heart] [A Piece of My Heart]

I'm Not a Feminist, but...

October 2010 | By Leigh Strimbeck and the cast | Director: Leigh Strimbeck

Peter Pan

September 2010 | By Jules Styne, Mark Charlap, Carolyn Leigh, Betty Comden and Adolph Green | Director: Michael Musial

Cell Cycle

April 2010 | By Cristina Pippa | Director: David Baecker

[Cell Cycle] [Cell Cycle]