FAQs about Character Education

What is Character Education?

Character Education aims to encourage and foster the positive character and behavioral traits of responsibility, civility, respect, honesty, fairness, trustworthiness and citizenship in students throughout the educational spectrum.

Is Character Education a single educational course?

Nope! Character Education complements and fuels the development of standards. The future of our community rests with the character of the leaders we are educating today. We cannot afford to ignore Character Education.

Why should educators and community members learn about implementing a Character Education program?

Legislation has been passed in New York State that mandates Character Education in grades K-12 in all public schools. The legislation was based, in part, on the recommendations of Lt. Governor Mary Donohue's Task Force on School Violence. There is evidence that Character Education programs have resulted in a reduction in juvenile crime and student risk behaviors. Educators, parents and community leaders need to understand what Character Education is all about.

How would Character Education programs be added, in light of the focus on meeting higher academic standards?

Students cannot improve in the classroom by raising academic standards alone. Students must concurrently be helped to raise their personal goals by allowing them to both develop and strengthen personal and intellectual character traits.

Can Character development strategies be implemented in civic and business organizations?

Definitely. Please contact the Academy for details.

How do we get started?

The Academy for Character Education provides the support needed for communities to initiate Character Education programs. The Academy collects and disseminates ideas and best practices in the field of Character Education.