Stand Up for Character - Down to Bullying

 October is National Bully Awareness Month-
Standing Up to Bullying is Everyday!

Below, you will find a host of useful links, web pages, resources and documents. Please access and use these resources to help implement and promote Anti-Bullying initiatives in your school, business or community organization, and remember to contact The Academy at (518)244-2336 or for more information!

Check out all of the great Anti-Bullying songs,
check out Richie's "Don't Be A Bully Tour"
created with local classrooms! : Bullying occurs during and after school hours.  It happens in the school building, within the community, and on the internet.  This website offers teachers insight to what bullying is; actions to take when you are a bystander to bullying; as well as classroom management techniques to prevent bullying.  This website has been completely revamped!

October 2013 Additional Resources:                                                                                            Wisdom Thinkers – K-5 evidenced-based bullying prevention and character development:

        The Theater Institute at Sage has two Bullying Prevention shows available for  schools :The B Bomb Show (grades K-5) and Hey Bully - Listen to This (grades 6-8). For details see:
or contact David Bunce : (518) 244-4505 or visit

Business and Community Organization Resources:
Bullying Impact on Business for Employers
Prevalence & Harassment Types and Employee Health
Recognition Proclamation
SHARP: Safety & Health Assessment & Research for Prevention
US Workplace Bullying Survey
Michelle Borba’s Six Steps on Bully-Proofing, 2005

School Related Resources:
Character Education Partnership Bullying Prevention
Anti-Bullying Pledge (printable)
Kids Against Bullying certificate (printable)
School Honor Roll Pledge (printable)
Michelle Borba’s Six Steps on Bully-Proofing, 2005
Middle School Anti-Bullying Strategies, National Middle School Association, 2006
Lessons for Teaching Social and Emotional Competence
Bullying Prevention for Parents, Children & Schools VOLUME 31, NUMBER 2 APRIL 2009
Best Practices in Bullying Prevention, Stan Davis, 2005

Click here to check out School and Community Proclamations!

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Michelle Borba, Six Steps on Bully-Proofing, 2005

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