Richie Phillips Don't Be a Bully Tour

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[Richie]Richie Phillips, morning show host to WGNA 107.7, is one of our biggest supporters in spreading the word about Bullying.


Teacher Faith Perry From Mohonasen School Takes A Stand Against Bullying In A Very Creative Way: Check it out here


Traveling to local schools, Richie, talks with kids about the effects of bullying, and writes  songs to bring a greater awareness to this serious issue.

Thanks to Richie, a lot of local students now have a greater understanding and desire to help Stand Up for Character and Down to Bullying!


Arongen Elementary Don't Be a Bully

Roessleville Elementary Bully Busters

Castleton Elementary  Bullying's Wrong

Shatekon Elementary See A Bully- Stop a Bully

Saddlewood Elementary We Won't Bully You

Charlton Heights Elementary Kids Don't Like Bullying

St. Thomas the Apostle School Have Virtues

The Griswold Heights Griswold Heights Song

Birchwood Elementary Bullying at Birchwood

Bullying is seen everywhere in our culture, and people of all ages engage in it.  Recently, a 68 year old bus monitor from Greece, New York, was bullied by children on the bus, until she was brought to tears.  Richie Phillips offered a song to listeners to show support from the WGNA ‘s Sean and Richie Show, and to raise the awareness of bullying. A Song for Kristen Klein, the Bullied School Bus Monitor

"let’s all band together and get kids to stop it"